SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of May 20, 2024

May 26, 2024 1 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of May 20, 2024

Here is week 6 of 9, the start of the taper/”competition” block. The next 3 weeks will see lower volumes with higher intensities. It started this week with some 90%+ work for the classic lifts and squats. I am starting to feel more consistent with the 90% reps, though I do feel that I will need more jerk-specific work in future training plans. Jerks are my main weakness in Olympic lifting and they still feel harder than they should.

There isn’t a lot to report. I just need to do the work and have confidence in the training plan.



Hang Power Snatch: 120x3,130x3,140 2x3

Power Clean & Power Jerk: 170x3+2, 182x3+2, 195 (2+2)2

Snatch Ext.: 160 4x4

Squat: 245x5, 265x5, 285x5, 305x3, 325x3, 340 3x2

Press: 135x2, 155x2, 177 2x2

45 Degree Back Ext.: 100 4x9

Snatch: 120x2, 140x2, 160x2, 170x2, 180x1

Clean & Jerk: 170 2+2, 195 2+2, 225 2+2, 237 2+1, 252x1

Clean Ext.: 252 4x2

Front Squat:240 2x5, 257 2x5, 275x4, 292x3, 300x3  






Dips: 5,3,2

Chin Ups: 5,3,2

DB Bench: 3x10 escalating each set

Cable Rows: 3x10 escalating each set

A little arm work


DAY 6 

Power Snatch:120x3, 130x3, 140 3x3

Power Clean: 170x3, 182x3, 195 3x3

Power Jerk: 170x2, 195 2x3

Front Squat:225x5, 240x5, 257x5, 275 2x5

Press: 3x2

Snatch Technique work

Clean Technique work

Squat: 205x4, 225x4, 245x4, 265x4, 285x3, 305x3, 327x3, 347x2, 370x1, 390x1, 410x1



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