SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of May 27, 2024

June 01, 2024 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of May 27, 2024

I’m not sure how this week will go. I’m listing what is planned to happen, not what did happen. I seem to be a little sick at the start of this week. I had a slight fever over the weekend in the evening, 100.5, and a light, productive cough. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. This time, however, it is coming with a lot of joint pain. My knees, elbows and, particularly, lower back feel very sore and shaky. I switched days 1 and 3 because I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the heavier work in this state. Though day 1 should have been easy, I still felt very uncertain and uncomfortable while completing it. 

Depending on how I progress through the week, I may have to pivot and hit more sleds and/or machines and put more emphasis on light technique work. When I feel better, I will repeat the week. I hope that I DON’T have to do that because some travel and life stuff that is upcoming will make it challenging to get this done. Alas, that is often life and, if it is what’s required, I will do what I can to complete the training.



Power Snatch: 120x2,130x2,140x2, 150x1, 130x2, 140x2

Power Clean & Power Jerk: 170x2+2, 182 2+2, 195 2+2, 210 1+1, 182 2+2, 195 2+2

Squat: 245x5, 265x5, 285x5, 305x4, 325x4, 340 2x3

Clean High Pulls: 237 4x3

Snatch: 120x2, 140x2, 160 2x2

Clean & Jerk: 170 2+2, 195 2+2, 225 (2+2)2

Snatch High Pull: 180 4x2

Squat: 245x5, 265 2x5, 285x3, 305x3, 325 2x3,

Good Mornings: 4x5  




Snatch: 120x2, 140x2, 160x2, 170x2, 180x1, 160x2, 170x2, 180x1

Clean & Jerk: 170 2+2, 195 2+2, 225 2+2, 237 2+2, 252 1+1, 225 2+2, 237 2+2, 252 1+1 

Snatch Ext.: 180 4x2

Front Squat: 225x5, 240x5, 257x4, 275 2x3, 292 2x2

Snatch: 120x3, 140x3, 150x3, 160x3, 170x2, 180x1, 190x1, 100x1

Clean & Jerk: 182x3, 195x3, 225x3, 237x2, 252x1, 265x1, 280x1






DAY 6 

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