SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of May 13, 2024

May 19, 2024 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of May 13, 2024

This is week 5 of 9 of the training block, and the last week of the preparation mesocycle. You will start to see the volume come down a little with some higher intensities over the following 4 weeks. I’m looking forward to it, although my technique on cleans was feeling terrible last week. I’m hoping it is just a weird thing that won’t persist. In the end, I still feel good and expect to make some progress from this cycle. 

I am going on a school campout with my daughter this weekend, so I have to get all 4 of my training days done by Thursday. Typically, I like my main days to be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. This is life and the reason for starting with lighter maxes. 



Snatch:120x3,140x3,160x3, 170x2, 160 2x3

Hang Power Clean: 170x3, 182x3, 195 2x3

Power Jerk: 170x3, 182x3, 195 2x3

Clean Extension: 225 2x3, 237 2x2

Squat: 245 3x5, 265 2x5, 285x4, 305x3, 325x3, 340x3

45 Degree Back Ext - 95 4x10

Front Squat: 240 2x4, 257 2x4, 275x4, 292 2x3

Dips: 3x3 95

Chin Ups: 3x3 75

DB Bench: 40x10, 60x10, 80x10

Hammer Row: 70x10, 105x10, 140x12







Hang Power Snatch: 120x3, 130x3, 140 2x3

Clean & Jerk: 170 3+1, 195 3+1, 225 (3+1)2

Snatch High Pull: 4x3 170

Squat:245x5, 265 2x5, 285x3, 305x3, 325 2x3, 345 2x3

Press: 4x3

45 Degree Back Ext - 105 4x8

Snatch: 120x2, 140x2, 160 2x2, 170x2

Clean: 170x2, 195x2, 225 3x2

Rack Jerks: 170x2, 195x2, 225 3x2

RDL: 4x3 

Squat: 245 3x5, 265 2x5, 285x3, 305x2, 325x2, 345x2, 365x1, 377 2x1

45 Degree Back Ext - 115 4x6


DAY 6 



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