SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Nov 27, 2023

November 30, 2023 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Nov 27, 2023

Training plan for this week. As always, this is not written in stone and may change based on how I feel each day, either doing more or less weight, sets, reps, etc. 



Box Squat to parallel - work up to 1RM @9, then drop 7% for 2 sets of max reps

Belt Squat - 5x10 

Snatch Pulls (to belly button) - 10x3 335

Lying Leg Curls - 4x12 135

Leg Ext. - 2x13 255

Press - 175 5x3, 5x2

Muscle Snatch - 127 4x10, then work up to 1 @9, 

Power Snatch - 6x3 157, the 1 @9

Snatch grip High Pulls to the Neck - 5x5 152







Kettlebell Swings - 32kg 5 x25,25,20,20,20

DB Snatch - 95 10x3 per side

DB Clean and Jerk - 120 5x2 per side 

Chin Ups - 4x3-5

Leg Curls - 165 3-4x8

Safety Bar Squats - 4x10 325 

‘Good Mornings w/Buffalo Bar - 4x5 225

Leg Press - 4x12-15

GHR - 4x10



Snatch - 170 6x3, then 1 @9

3 hang Cleans +1 Jerk - 225 x6, then  work up to a set @9

Jerks from Rack - work up to top triple


Rack Pull/Incline DB Bench Press - work up to heavy 2 on pulls, then drop to 75% for 4x8-10; 4x8-10 on press

Bent over Rows/Dips - 4x10-12

TBar Row/Floor Press - 4x10-12

Since we are fully into the “holiday” season, I like to downshift a little bit and keep my training a little looser. Keeping too rigid of a structure this time of year tends to detract from the fun I have in real life. This means I will play things by feeling much more and do things that sound fun, while keeping within the framework of my goals. For example, I am really liking muscle snatches right now and want to focus on them a little. It will be cool to see if I can get that up to 200 pounds. Will it help my actual snatch? I have no idea. It won’t hurt it, and likely, it should help in the long run. 

It’s the same thing for heavy rack pulls. They are from just at the top of my knee and I know that they won’t do anything for my o-lifts (and frankly, little for my actual deadlift), but they are fun as hell to do and make me feel good after you do them. Last week I threw them in on my day 6 since one of the other lifters at my gym was doing them. I worked up to 765 for 2, then did 585 for 4x8. It wiped me out in the best way. 

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