SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Nov 20, 2023

November 22, 2023 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Nov 20, 2023

Things settled down from the previous week, and I had a lot more availability to train and stick to a schedule. Still just trying to plug along with training.   



Box Squat to 1” below parallel - 110x20, 155x15, 200x12, 245x10, 290x8, 335x6, 380x, 425x2, 440x1, 405x3

Belt Squat - 4x10 

Snatch Grip Deficit 

Deadlift - 3x10 315

Lying Leg Curls - 4x12 132

Leg Ext. - 2x12 255

Power Snatch - 95x3, 110x3, 125x3, 140 2x3, 155 6x3, 160x1, 165x1, 170x1, 175x1

Muscle Snatch - 125 3x10, 135x1, 145x1, 155x1, 165x1, 170 2x1 

Hang Clean - 185x2, 205x2, 225x2, 245 2x2, 255x2, 265x1, 275 2x1




Kettlebell Swings - 32kg 5x20

Front Squat - 255 8x5

DB Snatch - 95 8x3 per side

Press - 170 10x2

Leg Curls - 160 3-4x8

Safety Bar Squats - 4x10 315

Leg Press - 4x12-15

GHR - 4x10


Snatch - 170 6x2

3 Power Cleans +1 Jerk - 195 x6

Snatch High Pulls to the neck - 5x5 150







I feel like my O-lifting is making some good progress. Though I occasionally have misses at the top weights, they are rare and always toward the end of a set when fatigue is high, and I take the rep again to make sure I don’t end on a miss. Even though the total load I am using is lower than it has been in the past, I am getting more total volume with it, which makes me feel that I will see some nice improvements on my 1RM’s when I taper and test for those in a few months.

This week is Thanksgiving and I’m not sure what my training time will look like. The times when people I train have time off, it can be very light on my schedule, since they are out of town. Alternatively, it can be significantly busier since they are home and want to train. Depending on how this shakes out, some of these days will need to be split into two sessions. I can do that since I have some equipment at home and my daughter is with her grandmother for a few days of the Thanksgiving break. 

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