SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Nov 13, 2023

November 21, 2023 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Nov 13, 2023

Things have settled down a little for me and I should have time to get to the gym and follow some kind of training plan. Things will be a little up in the air, so I won’t be trying to get 6 days this week, however I am sure I can get 3 - 4.



Parallel Box Squat - up to 1RM @9, then drop 7.5% for 2x max reps

Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlifts - 3x10

Belt Squat - 4x10-12

Lying Leg Curls - 4x12

Leg Ext. - 2x12


Power Snatches - 5-8x3

Muscle Snatch - 4x10, then up to a heavy single

Hang Cleans - ramp to 2 @8 for 3 sets, then work up to a single @9

Front Squat - 6x5

Overhead Press - 10x2



Leg Curls - 3x8

Safety Bar Squats - 4x10

Good Mornings - 3x8

Leg Press - 4x12-15

GHD - 4x10

Snatch - 6x3

Power Clean - 5x5

DB Bench Press - 4x6-8

DB Row - 4x12-15

Dips/Inverted Rows -    100 of each


If I find that my days are more open then I thought, I will likely throw in some sled work and/or KB stuff. I’m a big fan of the Armor Building Complex from Dan John when I need a quick workout. The complex uses two kettlebells and is:

2 cleans+1 press+3 front rack squats

I know Dan wouldn’t agree with this, since he hates burpees, but I add 4 burpees at the start of each round. Why 4? That’s the amount Royal Burpee, the eponymous inventor of the movement, said he thought was the right amount. 

For the workout, I will set a clock to whatever amount of time I have available and try to do as many rounds as I can of 4 burpees +the Armor Building Complex. My best is 14 rounds with 32 kg kettlebells in 5 minutes. That was hard.

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