SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Mar 4, 2024

March 06, 2024 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Mar 4, 2024

Nothing terribly exciting to report for this week. Just following along with the plan. Snatches and cleans are starting to feel more consistent, though I still can’t do full split jerks, only powers. Sadly, my best power is about 30 pounds less than my full split jerk. Hopefully this time will increase my power jerk and carryover into higher split jerk numbers.

I have started doing some increased ROM stiff leg deadlifts to try to accelerate my hips healing process. The weights are light, but it is still uncomfortable, so I believe it shows that I need to be doing them. My plan is to add these in on my main ME/DE lower days, but I may just stick them in 2-3 days per week if they feel beneficial enough.

As I mentioned last week, I have started squatting daily. There is no real reason behind this, other than I wanted to do this again. I keep my daily “max” pretty conservative and can get the minimum work done in about 10 minutes. I’ve always responded well to higher frequencies if I don’t get overzealous with the volume and push too hard on the max side of things. Mostly, it will just be a fun experiment. 




Press w/Safety Squat Bar - up to 1RM @9, then drop 7.5% for 3x2-3

Buffalo Bar bench - 230x4, 207 3x6

Dips - 70x8,6

Decline Rolling Triceps Ext/Barbell Curl/Seated Lateral Raises - 2x12 55/85/25

Pushdowns/Hammer Curls/Pull Aparts - 2x12 80/42.5/Blue Band

Squat against blue bands - 45x1, 135x1, 225x1, 275x1, 325x1, 265 3x3

Snatch EMOM- 70% 5x1,75% 5x1,80% 5x1, 85% 5x1, 90% 5x1 if no misses on the first 4 sets

Power Clean + Power Jerk EMOM - Same as Snatch

Back Stuff

3 Second Pause Front Squat - up to max for the day, then 80% 3+x2-3 







Walking Lunges - 100 per leg

Seated Leg Curl - 2-3x8-10

DE Squats - up to max @.85, then drop 10% for 12x2, then work up to max for the day 

Stiff Leg Snatch Grip Deadlift from 5” Deficit - 127x10, 155x10, 188x10, 127 2x10

Single Leg Leg Press - 2x12-15 per leg

45 Degree Back Ext. - 2x8-10 

Power Snatch EMOM- 70% 5x1,75% 5x1, 80% 5x1, 70% 5x1

Hang Clean + Power Jerk EMOM - Same as Snatch


Front Squat against Chains - up to max for the day, then 80%3+x2-3







RE Press - 150 12x3

60 degree incline - 190x5-7, 170 3x8-10

DB Bench - 85 2-3x8-12

Overhead DB Triceps Ext - 2x12

Cable Curl - 2x12

Reverse Fly Machine - 2x12

Safety Bar Squat - up to max for the day, then 80% for 3+x2-3

Snatch EMOM - 70% 5x1,75% 5x1,80% 5x1, 85%x1, +5 x1, +5 x1, +5 x1,+5 x1, +5 x1 if no misses

Clean EMOM - Same as Snatch

Back Stuff  

Front Squat - up to max for the day, then 80%3+x2-3



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