SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Mar 18, 2024

March 20, 2024 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of Mar 18, 2024

I felt myself getting tired toward the end of the week last week. I thought it was just general fatigue, especially on Saturday when my lifts were mediocre. However, by the time I woke on Monday, I could tell that I was getting sick. Lots of fatigue, sore throat, headache, etc. That’s why I modified my day 1 workout. Strangely, day 2 was a very good workout, despite going into it expecting to have to drop volume and/or intensity.

Hopefully, by day 3, I will be back to normal and not need to make any changes to the training plan.



Behind the Neck Press - 95x12, 105x10, 115x8, 125x6, 135x6,5,4

Incline Lateral Raises - 2x12

Lateral Raises - 2x12

Reverse Fly - 2x12

Slight Incline DB Bench - 3x8

Overhead Rope Triceps Ext./Cable Hammer Curls - 2x12, 2x10

Incline Ext./Incline Curls - 2x12

Back Squat - up to max, then 80% 3x2

Back Squat (PM) - up to max, then 85% 3x2

Snatch EMOM- 145 5x1, 155 5x1, 165 5x1, 175x1, 180x1, 185 3x1

Power Clean + Power Jerk EMOM - 175 5x1, 187 3x1, 200 2x1, 212x1, 225 8x1

Front Squat - 135x1, 225x1, 275x1, 300x1, 320x1, 330x1, 335x1, 280 2x2, 295 2x2










Lying Leg Curls - 3-4 warm-up sets, then 2-3 working sets x6-8

ME Squats - up to max, then drop to 80% and ramp in small jumps to a max double

Snatch Grip Stiff Leg Deficit Deadlifts - 155x10, 187x10, 220x10, 165 2x10

Leg Press - 2x12

45 Degree Back Ext. - 2x8-10

Adductor/Abductor - 2x15-20

Power Snatch + Snatch EMOM- 72% 5x1,77% 5x1, 82% 5x1, 87 5x1

Hang Clean + Power Jerk EMOM - Same as Snatch


Pause Front Squat against chains - up to max for the day, then 80%3+x2-3







ME Press - up to max, then -10% for 2-3x2-3, then -10% for 2x max reps

Buffalo Bar Bench - 4-6RM, then -20% 2-3x8-10

Kettlebell Press - 3x6-8

Dips - 2x8-12

Triceps/Biceps - 4x10-12

5 Second Pause Squat - up to max, then 80% 3+x2

Snatch EMOM - 72% 5x1,77% 5x1,82% 5x1, 87%x1, +5 x1, +5 x1, +5 x1,+5 x1, +5 x1 if no misses

Clean EMOM - Same as Snatch

Back Stuff  

Front Squat - up to max for the day, then 80%3+x2-3




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