SHANE'S TRAINING – Week of June 17, 2024

June 21, 2024 2 min read

SHANE'S TRAINING - Week of June 17, 2024

I’m listing these days in no particular order, with the exception of day 1, which will happen on Monday. I have some schedule and travel conflicts that might make gym access tough. What I need to try to do is get 3 days done in a row, however, this is a higher volume week, especially for squats, and it might be unlikely that I feel recovered enough to do that. The most important day is the heavy day on day 4, so I may end up doing that Wednesday and try to get the days that are meant to be days 2 and 4 when/if I can later in the week.

I went a little off-book last week after my max-out day. I hit 210 and called that my max for the day, but then dropped to 185 for 3x3. After hitting 280 on clean & jerk, I dropped back to 240 for 3x3. Those additional 18 reps were not planned, but I was feeling good and did them, despite not being part of the plan. Of course, I am paying for it now and feeling a little less recovered than I would like. I will try to eat a little more this week and try to catch a couple naps to see if that helps. I also know that I am going “past failure”, as it were, with this program by adding 4 extra weeks. That deep hole and lowered recovery is part of the process and one that I seem to particularly benefit from once I taper and lower fatigue.

This week is very heavy on squat volume. At least I know that, no matter how I feel, I can always do more squats.



Power Snatch: 120 2x4,130 2x3,140 2x3, 150 2x3 

Power Clean & Power Jerk: 170 2x3, 182 2x3 195x3, 210 2x3, 195 2x3

Snatch High Pull: 180 2x3, 1902x3

Squat: 245 2x5, 265 2x5, 285 2x5, 305 2x3, 327x3, 340 2x3 

Push Press: 135 2x5, 145 2x5, 157 2x5, 167 2x3, 180x3, 187 2x3

Snatch: 120x3, 130 2x3, 140x3, 150x3, 160x3, 170x2, 177x1, 140x2, 180 2x1

Jerk Behind Neck: 170x5, 182x5, 195 2x3, 210 2x3

Front Squat: 240x5, 257x5, 275x4, 292 2x4







Power Snatch: 120x4,130x3,140 2x3, 150 2x3, 160x3

Clean & Jerk: 170x3, 182 2x3, 195x3, 210x3, 225x3, 237x3, 245x2, 195x2, 252 2x1

Front Squat: 227x5, 240 2x5, 257 2x4, 275x4, 292x3, 310 2x3

Power Snatch: 120x3,130 2x3,140x3, 150 2x3 

Power Clean & Power Jerk: 157 2x4, 170 2x4 182 2x4

Squat: 205x4, 225x4, 245x4, 265x3, 285x3, 310x3, 327x3, 347x2, 370 2x2, 390x1, 410x1


DAY 6 

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