STRENGTH BEYOND SIZE: Janelle's Journey with the Agile Rack

April 29, 2024 2 min read

STRENGTH BEYOND SIZE: Janelle's Journey with the Agile Rack

Janelle is a dedicated fitness enthusiast who came to the Verse Studio to test and give feedback on the Agile Rack. She is a naturally petite person who many people assume is a cardio bunny if she works out at all. They are regularly surprised, however, by her strength when they see what she can lift, proving once again that big things can come in small packages.

Janelle began strength training at the end of 2019 due to concerns about high cholesterol, but has since developed a serious commitment to it. Her approach to working out focuses on weight training over cardio with an emphasis on lower body strength – glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Janelle is driven by more than the visible physical results. The surge in energy she feels and the impact that greater strength has on daily life give her the discipline to stick to consistent workouts.

A typical day at the gym for Janelle involves navigating through a crowded gym to find available equipment and modifying her routine based on what is free that day, one reason she emphasizes flexibility in her training, rather than a rigid routine. Despite the challenges of occasionally encountering limited equipment availability at her regular gym, Planet Fitness, she takes these in stride, focusing instead on her performance and technique on available exercises. Although she makes the best of the situation, Janelle aspires for something better. 

Janelle has aspirations for a home gym, where she envisions a space outfitted with a squat rack, Smith machine, and cable machine. The Verse Agile Rack, with its portability and compact size, fits ideally in this dream, providing Janelle the flexibility to train in smaller spaces or even outdoors. Within just two minutes, Janelle can have the rack ready for use, something she values greatly. Her experience with the Agile Rack is also a testament to how user-friendly and adaptable this equipment is. Even for someone as petite as Janelle, the setup is simple, and the rack is light and compact enough to carry wherever she needs it.

Janelle proves that strength comes in various forms and sizes. She shows the importance of adaptability, both in terms of mindset and training, and encourages others to find their unique path in fitness. 


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