UNLEASHING THE POWER OF CONVENIENCE: Mikael's Fitness Insights with the Verse™ Agile Rack

October 05, 2023 2 min read

UNLEASHING THE POWER OF CONVENIENCE: Mikael's Fitness Insights with the Verse™ Agile Rack

Meet Mikael, a Professional Trainer in the sun-kissed city of Los Angeles, CA. Mikael uses the rack to seamlessly transition between numerous exercises from the convenience of home. Check him out working through four different exercises: squats, chin-ups, L-sit chin-ups, and shrugs (video below). In this blog post, we will dive into Mikael's thoughts on our product and highlight three key takeaways that can help power-up you and/or your clients' fitness regimens.

1️⃣  Unleashing Versatility and Affordability:

"Before the Verse™ Agile Rack, I had three gym memberships in different parts of town, spending time driving back and forth and paying multiple monthly fees," Mikael shares. "One of the most inconvenient aspects of going to the gym was finding parking and waiting in long lines just to dive into my workout. After getting the Agile Rack, I can skip the hassle and focus on my fitness goals at home." With the Agile Rack, he has eliminated these extra costs, opting for a one-time investment. The Verse™ Agile Rack not only saves him money and time, but also offers the versatility to perform a variety of exercises from the convenience of home.

2️⃣  The Benefits of a Versatile Rack for Mobile Training:

"I have some clients that I go to their house and they have very limited equipment in their garage or their basement and we train, but the equipment is limited. So if an option existed that they could take down, take it out when I go there, it would be very convenient." Mikael can now optimize his clients workouts and this new found simplicity has made the experience completely hassle-free.

3️⃣  Empowering Individuality and Efficiency:

"At different gyms, I [observe] varying levels of intimidation and lack of motivation," Mikael confesses. "So if this is an option where you could get the people that aren't going to go to the gym because they're intimidated to work out and the Agile Rack is an option, you could get them to still work out, they wouldn't feel as intimidated." No more waiting in line for specific equipment or compromising a routine due to an intimidating or overcrowded fitness centers. With the Verse™ Agile Rack, Mikael has unlocked the freedom to design his workouts on his terms.

💡In conclusion, the Verse™ Agile Rack has transformed Mikael's and his clients' fitness journey, by providing unbeatable convenience, versatility, and efficiency. From eliminating the hassle of commuting to offering the freedom to personalize a routine, this rack has become an essential part of his fitness arsenal. If you're looking to streamline your workouts, the Verse™ Agile Rack might just be your ticket to a transformative fitness journey, just like Mikael's.💡


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