January 24, 2024 2 min read

A Candid Interview with Aspiring Powerlifter Alisson

Alisson, a 27-year-old powerlifter from Los Angeles, met with Verse to use the Agile Rack and share how she went from a novice strength trainee to discovering powerlifting. Alisson's journey into the world of lifting began with a desire to achieve aesthetic goals as she strove for a specific look - slim and toned with abs, while still thick in the right places. However, she developed a profound love for lifting as she realized her potential for strength through the power of progressive overload. Her passion for powerlifting blossomed as she connected with like-minded individuals and embraced the community's spirit of support and encouragement.

Alisson is preparing for her first powerlifting meet, something that is far outside her comfort zone. Her dedication to training as a member of the Sovereign Strength team, and participating in the meet, reflects her commitment to the sport of strength. Alisson's courage to pursue new challenges has pushed her to heights she never thought possible at the start of her journey. For other aspiring powerlifters, or individuals seeking to achieve ambitious fitness goals, her progress shows importance of embracing the unfamiliar to make the most progress possible. 

Alisson offered feedback on the Verse Agile Rack’s value and effectiveness for powerlifting. The rack's setup, sturdiness, and adjustability makes it compatible with commercial gym equipment for individuals seeking convenience without compromising on quality. Her mention of the rack's swift assembly and stability under different weights reinforces its appeal to a diverse range of lifters, catering to both novices and seasoned practitioners. Alisson felt that the space-saving nature of the Verse Agile Rack perfectly addresses the needs of fitness enthusiasts who have limited room for gym equipment. Its portability and compact design positions the rack as a practical solution for individuals who prioritize versatility and efficiency in their home workout spaces. She feels her teammates, in particular, would find significant benefit from the Agile Rack on the occasions that commuting to the gym is not possible, allowing them to pursue their goals regardless of external constraints. Additionally, her anticipation of achieving personal records with the rack is a powerful endorsement that reflects the confidence she has in its strength. 

Alisson's interview sheds light on the impact powerlifting can have on individual growth and community engagement. As Alisson prepares for her first powerlifting meet, we hope her unwavering enthusiasm for the powerlifting community inspires others to embrace their inner strength and the endless possibilities that await on their fitness ventures.

Catch up with Alisson on Instagram @quassimota

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