November 29, 2023 3 min read

THE INS AND OUTS OF FITNESS AS A FAMILY: Working out with the Branchmans

Lance Branchman is a 38 year old personal trainer and one of the original Verse™ Agile Rack testers. He started working out at the age of 11 under the watchful eye of his godfather, a college strength & conditioning coach. The knowledge he gained from this training allowed him to excel in sports like football and track, eventually inspiring him to pursue studies in kinesiology (the study of human body movement). The mentorship that Lance received helped get him through challenging times in his childhood by teaching him to persevere in the face of difficulty. These are lessons that he hopes to impart to his own children. 

Lance has four children: Jada (16), Lance Jr. (12) and two younger ones born during the quarantine in 2020 and 2021. His personal motivation for staying fit has been greatly influenced by his kids. To inspire them to prioritize their health, he stays slim and fit regardless of his age. Lance brought his two older kids, both basketball players, to the gym to have a workout with the Agile Rack. 

Girl shooting a basketball toward the hoop  Basketball falling through the hoop

After unfolding the rack, the kids took turns doing push ups. “This is perfect for somebody who can’t do push ups on the ground. This is perfect for Jada,” Lance observes. Jada normally does band assisted push ups, and used the lower J-hooks on the Agile Rack to do her set. “That was the fastest I've ever knocked out ten push ups in a row. I feel like a pro!” she announced. 

Man and kids setting up the Agile Rack for weight training  Teens doing assisted pushups in a gym with the Agile Rack

Lance Jr. quickly noticed more benefits. “There's so many different ways you can use [the Agile Rack] to work out different parts of your body,” he said. He also noticed the space saving feature, “It's something you can use at any time and it's easy to put back.” Also thinking of his mother, he adds, “It's easy to fold, and then you can put it up in the corner somewhere. I think she'd love it.” Jada shared his sentiment, “It's very convenient. I think it would be very easy for her to put it up somewhere out of the way from the kids, and then whenever she needs it, she can just take it out again.”

Man working out with resistance bands  Kid exercising with resistance bands in the gym

With kids to care for, going to the gym becomes a difficult task for many parents. Lance’s wife is no exception. While Lance works in a gym, she struggles to find time for fitness amidst the daily chaos of life. “She has a very hard time coming to the gym. We tried it, but it's too hard with the little ones,” said Lance. “So [the Agile Rack] will solve a lot of the problems – having it at home, working out. The kids could be eating, watching TV. They could be doing work. Whatever it is, you're at home doing it.” 

Man doing single leg squat use Agile Rack  Man and kids walking away with Agile Rack

The Agile Rack allows fitness to be a family affair in any size home. The versatility of exercises possible on the rack means that everyone in the family can participate, regardless of their strength level. For the Branchmans, the confidence of knowing they can all workout safely and securely brings peace of mind.

As the old saying goes – actions speak louder than words. This certainly holds true for this family. The surest way for Lance’s children to learn the lessons of hard work and lifelong health through exercise is to see and do it first hand. To paraphrase another old saying – the family that lifts together stays healthy together.

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