INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES: One size does not fit all. Training Principle #3 of 4 by Shane Robert

September 28, 2023 1 min read

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES: One size does not fit all

The Law of Individual Differences states that each person is unique and cannot train in exactly the same manner. It acknowledges that individuals have varying genetic factors, physical attributes, and training histories, all of which influence their responses to exercise and strength training programs.

For instance, some people can handle high training volumes while others can handle high intensities or high frequencies; some people are well suited for certain exercises while others will find them detrimental; some people can do many reps at a high intensity while others can only manage a few. Recognizing these differences is important in knowing if a certain training program or exercise is appropriate for you and helping you understand how to modify them to better suit your individual differences.

Key Term #3: Intensity

Definition - the percentage of 1 repetition maximum

Commonly confused with effort or perceived difficulty. Intensity is a scientific term referring to the percentage of 1RM being used. A training session with 85% for 2 reps is more intense than 65% for 20 reps, even if the latter is more effort.

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