SPECIFICITY: Practice How You Play. Training Principle #1 of 4 by Shane Robert

September 20, 2023 1 min read

SPECIFICITY: Practice How You Play

Training specificity means tailoring your training to mimic the demands and requirements of the chosen sport or activity. The exercises, techniques, and training protocols you use should closely align with the specific skills and movements of your sport. While specificity exists on a spectrum, it should never stray too far from the goal. For example, just because a powerlifter wants to increase their 1 rep max squat doesn’t mean they get no benefit from squatting for 8 reps or using the leg press. However, training for a marathon is not going to help and, indeed, is likely hinder their efforts.

 Key Word: Fitness

Definition 1(Technical Definition): the ability to perform a task

Definition 2 (Common Usage Definition): the ability to perform moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity without undue fatigue

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