ELEVATING YOUR GAME: Sports Enhancement for Youth Athletes

November 02, 2023 2 min read

ELEVATE YOUR GAME: Sports Enhancement for Youth Athletes with the Agile Rack

Verse™ Fitness stands by its mission of making fitness accessible to everyone, whether that’s apartment dwellers looking for at home workout solutions, professional lifters, or, as in the case of Ryan, a high school athlete with aspirations of greater sporting success. From time to time, trainers and lifters are invited to test out the Agile Rack (and other Verse products) to give their feedback on how to improve the product.

Ryan, HS athleteTyrell, trainer smiling

Tyrell, an NASM certified trainer and aspiring certified strength coach, brought Ryan, a talented high school athlete who excels both on the football field as a quarterback and on the baseball diamond as a pitcher, to use the Agile Rack for a workout. "To stand out, you must do extra work beyond what is given," said Ryan. Having a professional trainer by his side makes a world of difference in his exercise routine, helping him push to achieve more, whether it's doing extra sets, incorporating more challenging exercises, or seeking specialized training. For Tyrell, it has more to do with helping clients achieve their goals while keeping them safe. "Many people think they're doing something beneficial but could be unknowingly harming themselves,” Tyrell pointed out.

Part of the success that Ryan has achieved with Tyrell is greater consistency, both in season and off-season. He acknowledges that every high school athlete receives regular workouts, but it's through the additional work, outside of team workouts, that helps you become truly extraordinary in your sport. According to Ryan, there are still challenges, such as busy gyms and limited access to exercise equipment during the offseason when there are no structured team workouts. For Tyrell, this is why he stresses the importance of efficient equipment that allows for many different exercises and modalities

HS athlete lifting weights with trainer

"The Verse™ Agile Rack is a game-changer for me and my clients. Its compact design and convenience make it a perfect tool for versatility in our workouts, allowing us to stay fit and motivated wherever we go." With the Verse™ Agile Rack, crowded gyms no longer need to deter you from staying active and getting fit. The compact rack is easily transported and offers endless workout possibilities, without the hassle of bulky equipment, ensuring that Tyrell and his clients, like Ryan, can maintain their fitness goals no matter their location. 

HS athlete, Ryan lifting weights on barbellRyan lifting weights on barbell with trainer, Tyrell

Tyrell's commitment to his clients' progress is his number one priority, one that he has found easier to accomplish with the Agile Rack.  "I love working with my clients to see their growth and evolution. It's truly rewarding to witness their journey as they reach new heights."

Watch a video of Ryan's workout with Tyrell using the Verse™ Agile Rack:



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