December 20, 2023 2 min read

to Cultivate Confidence, Empowerment and Fitness

Kim Abt, Founder
PwrGrls Training, Weightlifting for Women

Strength training is a powerful tool for those looking to boost confidence and feel empowered. This goes far beyond simple body composition changes. This empowerment comes through profound mental changes one experiences, apart from the changes that happen to one's body. Kim Abt, founder of Encino-based PwrGrls Training, experienced this herself after struggling to overcome a bad breakup. Fitness reshaped her life and now she’s guiding others to find the strength to reshape theirs. 

Kim founded PwrGrls to, “give women a comfortable space to work out. It's about confidence, feeling strong, feeling empowered, finding themselves, and just creating a community of positive space that people want to come to.” These sentiments are also founding principles for Verse™ and one of the main inspirations behind the Agile Rack. At PwrGrls, the supportive community helps everyone, including Kim who, now in her second pregnancy, faces different challenges than those usually highlighted in fitness articles. “The body change is probably the hardest part for me. Accepting that you're gaining weight. That's definitely the hardest for me.” Even as the charismatic leader of the group, Kim feels less judged in this environment by being around others who have gone through similar struggles.

After testing the Verse™ Agile Rack, Kim believes that it is a real game-changer for women who wish to train outdoors or in the privacy of their own space. “I have a lot of one-on-one clients that I actually travel to who have access to a gym but none of the gyms have barbell racks. And now I can go anywhere. I can go to the park. I can go to the beach. I can set up wherever.” The innovative design of the Agile Rack makes that setup fast and simple, so Kim can get right into helping her clients. “[It was] ​​super simple. Very quick. It took me about 10 seconds to learn how to set it up.”

The benefits of strength training extend beyond physical changes. The founding principles of PwrGrls Training – confidence, empowerment, and community – underscore the profound mental shifts that accompany fitness transformations. The creation of a supportive space is crucial for Kim Abt’s personal growth and has been expanded through her innovative use of the Verse™ Agile Rack. This portable and convenient solution not only allows her to train clients outdoors or in private spaces, but also represents the future of modern strength equipment. As Kim Abt continues to inspire and guide others through their fitness journeys, the Agile Rack stands as a symbol of versatility, enabling individuals to reshape their lives with strength and resilience, wherever they may be.

Woman doing squats outdoors Woman doing inclined pushups on barbell and Agile Rack outdoors

Woman doing overhead press with barbell and Agile Rack Woman doing modified pull-ups on barbell and Agile Rack

Woman doing modified squats with a barbell and Agile Rack Woman carrying the folded Verse Agile Rack away from training area



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